Saam’s Art Gallery

Bismillah! Alhamdulillah for the gift of talent from Allah swt.

Welcome to Saam’s Art Gallery.

If you like my paintings and would like to make any orders, feel free to contact me inshaAllah on facebook- Sameera Hameed or on Instagram: Sameera_hameed

I accept orders according to my availability (you know course and baby and family responsibilities etc), and would let you know when to expect your own masterpiece inshaAllah! Still working on delivering to your address, inshaAllah. If you’re around my town, you’re lucky. Shipping internationally would include charges with the painting itself. You are free to book orders on emergency as well in case you can’t wait in line and urgently need to gift someone for an upcoming occasion.

So tell me what piece would you like to hang up on your walls, your color choices (if any) and your medium choices if any too. The below paintings are NOT available for sale since all of them are now up on other people’s walls 😉 I will be accepting and making paintings on new orders inshaAllah and updating this page as well.

I work on Acrylics, Texture on canvas, and watercolors so far and inshaAllah will keep exploring this huge world of Art!

I do not make portraits of people or living beings. Rest are open to your liking inshaAllah -simply abstract paintings, nature/landscape, calligraphy etc.. 🙂

PS- The signature below is for copyright purposes. The paintings are originally without it. 😉

Update: For more updates of recent paintings: go to my instagram page 🙂

6 ed

‘HasbunAllahu wa Ni’mal Wakeel’ Medium: Acrylics on hand made 3D texture. Size: A3 portrait



3 ed

Nur Ala Nur Textured Acrylics. Size A3 portrait


1 ed

Still Life [Duplicated another painting] Medium: Watercolor Size: A3 portrait

4 ed

Allah, Al Mujeebu Acrylics on Canvas ; Size : 20 by 10 cm, landscape


5a ed

La ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammadun Rasool Allah; Pearl and normal Acrylics on Canvas; 45 by 32 cm


2 ed

Colors. Medium: Acrylics and Pearl Acrylics Mix Medium, 32 by 45 cm


7 ed

‘Iqra’ – Read. Watercolors. A3 portrait


8 ed

‘Iqra Bismi Rabbik’ Read in the name of your Lord’ Acrylics on Canvas, 45 by 32 cm