Your Pleasure..

I walk. I feel like I’m flying with the birds. I feel the breeze over my face. I see. But I am lost in the beauty of my Creator’s creation. ‘It’s beautiful’ is an understatement. I hear. But I am not listening. I look at the world in front of me. I wonder. If such was beauty defined, then my weak humanly imagination could never in the deepest corner of my mind be able to comprehend the beauty He has in store for me in the hereafter, if I’d be rewarded it. And then my mind wonders more. If I cannot grasp the ‘unseen’ which has been described to me, how about that which isn’t? I then think more. What about Him? If His creation was unthinkably unspeakably unimaginably so not comprehendible, then what about the Creator Himself? I feel happy coz I feel such. It’s a sweet feeling one must have once in a while. It’s a blessing to feel so. An incredibly awesome blessing.

All because I finally touched my forehead on the ground today. Not like yesterday. Not like the last time. This time it was different. And it was the sweetest feeling ever. I didn’t want to get up from the closeness I felt to Him.

I want to see His beauty. And stare at Him with all my heart’s content on THAT day and those days after it. I WANT it real bad. And such I want for all of us together. Do you? Lets bow down tonight in gratitude to Him, asking forgiveness to the Greatest coz we are more weak than we ever knew. And let’s feel that pleasure together. The pleasure in knowing there is someone who is there for us, always, waiting, in the middle of the night, while we are asleep, simply because He loves us. And He promised us to give us whatever we asked for, like a blank cheque He’s leaving on our door. Let’s fill it together with the words ‘Your pleasure’. 🙂

About Sameera Hameed

The Meadows. Dawn. And a Pen. From a Soul that longs for its long lost Abode..
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