You Are Powerful.. NOT.

You Are Powerfulyou_are_powerful_beyond_measure_by_espador-d4j3ski

Its the time where one in every five person shares a feel good quote on social media and one of it being “You are powerful. More than you know it”. Even muslims, sadly don’t realize what they’re saying when they share this.

So let me tell you this harsh n beautiful simple reality – We.Are.Not.Powerful.

Because when we sleep, we cannot even control what happens nearby us. When we put our children to sleep, or leave them alone for a while even if for a few minutes, we cannot control what happens to them. When we fear the future or feel anxious about it, we do not have the power to see it. When we regret the past, we do not have the power to undo it. When we feel nostalgic of the dearest of memories, we cannot relive it the same and exact same way again. We think about death less and we know it will come but we don’t even know when, we can’t even control it! We are not powerful because we cannot even that small cut on our fingers let alone a broken arm, ourselves! We are even clueless of what will happen the next moment, the next few seconds for sure. Aren’t we?

But I’ll tell you what. We are not powerful, but we are strong..and our strength comes from the One who is the Most Powerful.

From when we were in the stage of a helpless baby to now, He has been the One powerful, who has been giving us the strength to grow..protecting us every single time we met with potential danger. He has been protecting us while we sleep, our babies when we have to leave them alone. Our future that we are anxious about. Recording our beautiful past while ‘undo-ing’ (clearing) our deeds (sins) from our books when we regret them.

And then we wake up and grow up having so much trust in our selves, in our own plans and our own desires, because we think we know better. Somehow we think we have enough trust in Him, but we don’t. Instead of brutally just being honest to our innermost selves, we go closer to Him for the things WE WANT Him to do for us. The things we want to happen.

Yes, without Him, we are weak. But I’ll tell you what being strong is-
Strength is to face what you don’t expect, that comes your way, with a steadfast heart that stays calm saying ‘He knows’. Strength is to surrender whole heartedly and really whole heartedly that you have no power to change the future but He does. Yet still strength is what He gives you when all the tides are against you but you go forth with all that trust and faith. Strength is to not give up in Him ever and do all you can in your own way.

And when you surrender to being content after doing all you can, trust me, there is a world of difference in the way you see life. Suddenly everything changes. Your heart blooms with the sort of peace you’ve always striven for. Your life changes its course in miraculous ways. You see life, differently. You open ways to many possibilities in whats come your way because now, you truly believe that its His decision. Because you work so hard in all that you desire for. You give yourself to life. All of yourself. Completely relying on Him for the results. And He rewards you with that simple thought of yours. Your life changes. In a different sort of never-possible-on-your-own- sort of way. All because of that one moment of surrendering.

And if you really one day have sense and, understand this power: then know you are of those lucky ones on earth who live a differently beautiful life making the best of everything. You are of the ones who leave a trail behind. A trail to follow.

And after all this, if you believe this or not, it doesn’t alter His power at all. And He being the Most Merciful, the Most Giving, The Giver of Beautiful gifts, He’ll still give and give you. No matter what. Which is why we sometimes get deluded thinking it is “we” who know better for ourselves. It is “we”  who are powerful.

When we are not.


[Things I think when I put my baby to sleep, constantly  waking up scared about anything happening to him and then finding peace in putting my trust in Him ❤]

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The Meadows. Dawn. And a Pen. From a Soul that longs for its long lost Abode..
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