‘I wanna stop wearing the Hijab’, she said…

If you’re finding it hard to wear the hijab or don’t ‘feel’ it when you wear the Hijab, no problem, dear one. 🙂

Allah swt spent 13 years sending down verses on tawheed (oneness of Allah), to first make the believers firm on His deen, and develop a *strong* connection with Him , and THEN sent His commands and rulings on how to BE a Muslim (detailing the rulings pertaining to different acts of worship and setting punishments for crimes, etc etc).

Aim to work on your connection with Allah swt sincerely simultaneously…and watch how easy the Hijab or Salah (prayer) becomes…

The problem in the upbringing of children these days is, before the connection with their Rabb is established, they are suddenly told to start wearing the head scarves, pray five times, or go to the masjid for prayer etc, etc.

In Allah’s ways of preparing the people, are lessons for us to take. When the heart is connected to the right connection, it’s ready to do anything. Aren’t we ready to do anything for the love of our life?

Islam is easy peeps! Prepare the heart. The rest will come automatically bi ithnillah 🙂 ❤

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2 Responses to ‘I wanna stop wearing the Hijab’, she said…

  1. ijaved90 says:

    in such simple words you have solved an enigma! indeed prepare the heart and the rest follows. Well said Sam 🙂

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