No rose, just a dandelion. A Ninjarchitect. Muslimah.
Sameera Hameed
Honestly, Nothing’s worth it in this world. Not even defining one’s self. -_-
…And…I write for myself.
It is only Allah SWT who makes these lifeless words touch hearts. Those hearts, that He chooses to…
On a serious note, I mean if you really need a background of this miskeenah:
Sameera Hameed has a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, from the International Islamic University of Malaysia. And is now pursuing her dream course, bi ithnillah, Ta’lim al Quran from Farhat Hashmi’s AlHuda institute. All her aim in writing is, to help connect people to the most beautiful connection- With their Rabb, the Creator, the One and Only. And to live with His beautiful words- the Quran.
Mother of two very adorable boys, Ahmed and Hameed,Alhamdulillah 🌹

7 Responses to About.

  1. randombytes says:

    Assalam ualaikum, nice to meet a fellow Muslimah here…

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  2. Nida says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Sam!
    Had to leave a comment somewhere about your Art Gallery, so that it remains embedded on your blog! InShaaAllah! MashaaAllah la quwwata illa billah! Keep going! Love the art work with the calligraphy especially – Keep going! BarakAllahu feeki Infinity times Infinity! ❤

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  3. Riani says:

    Alsalam alaykum sameera, its a pleasure to read your page. I am sorry I did it without permission, I posted your work on my Instagram page. I give a credit for your works. I just wanna say my followers really need your writings, they say thanks for that. May Allah reward your kindness. JazakAllah kheyr

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  4. Riani says:

    If you don’t mind, I really want your contact, maybe you can help me to go through something I am in
    I’m on Instagram : @missrianiy_



    Walaikum Assalam, Allah give long life to you to write more about Islam.

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