Maryam’s AS silence.

How do you feel when someone blames you and mocks you for something you didn’t even do? Don’t you feel like screaming out as much as you can to prove yourself right; to prove yourself innocent? What then, if the entire society around you talks about you, slanders upon slanders and noone is ready to believe you? How far would you try and fight for your innocence?
Maryam AS (Mary) comes back to her society holding a baby in her hands. And everyone asks her what a dishonor she brought to her family! Imagine how would it be for her when her Lord and your Lord commands her to fast from talking! What? I can’t even speak up now in my defense? But she did fast. She obeyed. And Allah swt caused a miracle to happen; Prophet Isa AS speaks in the cradle. She didn’t falter even a little in her faith and her obedience to Him, and He didn’t disappoint her.

Sometimes, in silence and true reliance of Allah lies our greatest defense. Sometimes, to be silent is our greatest test.

Sigh. How words of some people just stick to you forever ❤ While listening to Surah AleImran today, the part where Maryam AS is blessed with a son came. It took me to 5 or 6 years ago when Aunty Rifath, a dear one, had reflected on this great test of Maryams AS and her amazing patience to be able BE QUIET. She said this so wonderfully that its stuck to me until now.


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