Break Mine Heart.

To what season could I metaphor this pain to?

Whilst the heart roars, yet lips seal silent, ‘lone.

Drained; of hearing such speech thou all do;

As ‘winters shall pass and in spring new seeds grown’.


Tell me! Of something new, I seek

That shall soothe mine soul and heart.

Alas! This is how the world

Is designed, perhaps to be;

In pain we arrive, and in pain we part.


Were spirits free from tests and mess,

No soul would seek peace.

Were loneliness not a gift of life,

No soul would know Thee.


Like a broken vessel holds no water or dreg,

The broken heart would hold no world or desire.

Let Thine Love seal mine broken heart, I beg;

Like water soothes over fire.


O Beloved Hearer of hearts,

Hitherto, I thank ye smugly;

For allowing those to break mine heart

Thus taking me back to Thee, warily.


Deeming I won’t again leave thee.

Even if so; if ever we grew apart,

Then to again let thee, willingly,

Allow them to break mine heart.


About Sameera Hameed

The Meadows. Dawn. And a Pen. From a Soul that longs for its long lost Abode..
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1 Response to Break Mine Heart.

  1. Umm Eesa says:

    Beautiful expression.

    Liked by 1 person

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