In Thy Name We Live..


For how long will we toil?

Isn’t it enough already? Sleepless nights. Hopeless cries. Why?

Why are we so lost in the oceans of love, in the myriad expectations, in the tireless toils for attention? For love?

Love is there. Clear and here. Then why are we walking running around this endless path of restlessness?

Imagine a fork in the road. Two paths, two different journeys. Both look the same. But for one, you can see the end. You can see some light. The scenery. The view. The road is lit up. The trees are green. the sky is fresh and blue. But the path is less travelled by. Then you look at the other road. The same. Trees. Leaves. But no lights. You can’t see where it ends. It goes on. It looks beautiful. But you can’t see where it goes.

Love. Where are we heading with this? Without doubt, we all look for it. Yearn for it. Question is why are we? Why are we hunting for flowers while the most beautiful and the perfect rose is just in our backyard?

Allah says in the Qur’an,

“Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds – the Most Merciful will appoint for them wud (affection).” [19:96]

I learnt that Allah SWT uses the word “wud” for love in the above verse. What is the significance of the word wud?Why did Allah SWT not use a more common word, such as “hubb” or even “`ishq“? They each mean a type of love but the emphasis is different. Wud is a love that is manifest. For example, someone can really love you, but not show it. Their love may be pure and true, but you don’t know about it because they never show their love for you in their actions. Yet Allah is Al-Wadud, and for those who do good, He will bestow upon them wud, a love that is apparent, that is shown. Love that completes. And I know each and every one will understand what I mean by love that completes’.


To put it in simpler terms, when Allah SWT loves us, he gives us His attention. He walks with us. Talks with us. He is with us at all times. He lets no grief touch us except that He wills good thru it. He gives us peace. In our hearts. In our minds. Contentment in this life. He gives us His love. And the love of the angels. And the love of everyone on earth. His Love. Love, that we won’t find anywhere else. Love, that we are all hunting for.

So for how long will we toil for something that only makes us restless all night and worry all day? There is no toil for His love. Because it is already there. We just need to seize it.

Back to the fork on the road. If you were given the choice, which path would you chose? I don’t know what your obvious answer would be. Truth is, we all have had different experiences. Different journeys. But the one thing that remains the same, is this fork. Every one of us has had to face it. And every one of us has chosen either of the two. Be honest to yourself, and introspect. Which path have youtreaded on?

His love for us is so unimaginably immeasurable. He still gives us the chance to go back to the fork and take the road less travelled by. Tread on it. Surely, He will still be there.

Live by the name of Allah SWT, Al Wudood.

About Sameera Hameed

The Meadows. Dawn. And a Pen. From a Soul that longs for its long lost Abode..
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2 Responses to In Thy Name We Live..

  1. Mohib says:

    Salam, I just wanted to know who developed in you this understanding of the deen, are you under guidance of a teacher?


    • Wa alaikum asalam wrt.
      JazakAllah khair, I’m hoping your question is out of concern and not debate. curious to know why you asked.
      I am not under the guidance of any ‘particular’ teacher. I read books,like riyadhusaliheen, Seerah, Ibn Al qayyim writings etc…n learn from various speakers like Nouman Ali Khan, Tawfique Chowdhary, yawar baig, mufti menk, shareef el arbi, Ibrahim Nuh, Akram Nadwi, Bilal Philips (IOU)..the list goes on.
      Honestly, I write what I learn or feel about Allah SWT. If there’s anything you need to correct me on, let me know.
      JazakAllah khair wa zaadakAllahu fil ‘ilm.


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