Ever observed closely the flight of a bird? It flaps its wings a few times, goes up high, and then lets loose. Goes with the flow. Feels a float…So beautiful. So peaceful. So exciting!

It’s just so beautiful and makes me so happy to see them happy. So beautiful to seeAllah’s way of making His creation enjoy their lives. So unimaginable to comprehend His beauty when His creation is so beautiful. And so amazing to know there are so many lessons just at the sight of the flight of the birds..Right now, I’m looking outside my window, up at the sky. And I see a flock of birds flying in circles like they are playing a game. Some seem to simply be flying together spirally, in couples, up and then fly back down together. I would say they are feeling the breeze on their face, but that would be a very humanly perspective of a bird’s flight. To a bird, it’s a norm. And to add to it, not only does He just grant them this beautiful sense of enjoyment, but He paints them in a lovely canvas of a pink and orange sky with feathery white clouds, a bit of drizzle, and a beautiful view of earth from up there.

It is in these moments that I realize, how wonderfully meticulously He has taken care of every little creation of His. And how all of them seem to be in so much harmony simply because they take what’s given and do what’s to be done. See a lesson there?

Happily rejoicing Allah’s source of entertainment, logging off!

‘[And] who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return [your] vision [to the sky]; do you see any breaks?’…

‘And We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars’…

‘Do they not see the birds above them with wings outspread and [sometimes] folded in? None holds them [aloft] except the Most Merciful. Indeed He is, of all things, Seeing.’ 

[Verses from Surah Mulk]

About Sameera Hameed

The Meadows. Dawn. And a Pen. From a Soul that longs for its long lost Abode..
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