To you, son.

Today my baby slept on my arms, after crying throughout the day. He felt comforted when I held him instead of on his bed. He  fell asleep…. so deep.. so peacefully. Like nothing ever happened a few minutes ago. This time I didn’t put him on his bed. I sat with him reclining on me and watched him for as long as possible. I wonder how this tiny little innocent being can make me feel so overwhelmed.
It is I who is responsible in shaping his life; what he’s going to be is going to be majorly influenced by… Noone ever has been my responsibility as such. This time its different.
Teaching ME to ensure he learns good from me which means I need to work on Myself.
While I watch you deep asleep now I make a prayer for you.
I pray for your safety. For your future. I pray that you are brought up under His tarbiyah, and that we are in line with it. I pray for your guidance and wellbeing and rizq and happiness. And then I cry. Because I pray for all this for you throughout your life eternally, for these duas to envelop you even when I’m gone…


About Sameera Hameed

The Meadows. Dawn. And a Pen. From a Soul that longs for its long lost Abode..
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