A crimson sun sets upon the silent horizon. Tired, he enters their old tattered house. The smile on her face lights him up for no reason. And then all weariness sheds away as he hears two words from her pink and still fresh lips. ‘I’m expecting’ she says. A curve is drawn upon his golden brown face. He kisses her forehead. Months later, he waits outside the labor room in anxiety. He walks from one end to the other of the dreary passageway. Half an hour later, a voice calls him in. ‘Congratulations sir, It’s a baby girl’ it says and vanishes across the room. They place a bundle upon his hefty hands and leave. For two minutes he stares at the wide open eyes of this little life. She smiles at him. Tears trickle down his soft cheeks as he places her beside her mother. ‘She’ll be a Doctor!’, she says. ‘No! Lawyer’, he smiles as he says to her. Together they molded every part of the little girl. Every step rethought. Everything carefully planned. Sacrifices made. All for the best of their daughter.

Together they hung the first drawing she made on the refrigerator. She felt elated and made another one. They gifted her a kitten when they discovered she loved cats. They thought it’d teach her kindness towards everything. They made her favorite cake. They made the little things special for her. They never missed her name in their prayers. Even when she wanted to win her first running race, she asked them to pray and they did. They kissed her goodnight every night and made her feel loved, even if she was already asleep. They cried when she lost, but showed her that strength lies in the effort, not the result. They taught her patience by just being who they were. They bought fluorescent stars and put them up the ceiling simply because she loved the stars. They bought her favorite swimsuit, even though they didn’t like it. They carefully chose almost every thing for her in her life.

Days passed by and the time came when they didn’t even realize after all the bottle feeding, back to school rides, cycling and swimming lessons, barbeques in the park, badminton games, coffee treats, cries and fights, midnight drives, surprise parties, and every single night when they put the blanket over her…she has grown up now.

To leave. And without second thoughts, she just left. Left behind all those memories. All that love and care. To live a life of her own. Only if she realized she will lose everything. And that to them, she can never ever repay back their love. They let her be, whoever she wanted to be, and that was the biggest gift they gave her…

She can try to be everything they wanted her to be, but she can only try. She can never ever heal those broken wounds. Mend those broken glasses. Or give life to the now wrinkled hands that once molded her soul.

About Sameera Hameed

The Meadows. Dawn. And a Pen. From a Soul that longs for its long lost Abode..
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